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Our Story

Growing up in a family where business was the norm, I always had a dream to carve my own path, different from what my father and grandfather did back in India. Being a food enthusiast from childhood, my travels to the USA in the 1990s opened my eyes to the diversity of cuisines, but I noticed a lack of authentic Indian options. This realization sparked a desire to share the true essence of Indian food culture in the USA. So, after completing my graduation, I began working part-time at a well-known Indian restaurant in New Jersey. It was there that I met Arjun Thakur (Our current Executive Chef), who shared my passion. After gaining experience for four years, Arjun and I decided to pursue our dream of opening an Indian restaurant specializing in fast-casual dining. After exploring various cities, we chose Philadelphia downtown as our location and opened our gate for customer in May, 2013. From day one, our mission has been simple: to serve authentic Indian street food using only the best ingredients. After more than a decade of serving our customers, we are proud to say that we offer the best quality Indian street food around.